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Production process

The production process of our products starts from the traditional technique Cultivation of olives, continues with modern processing of olives and ends with the bottling of olive oil.




The cultivation ...

Originally begins cultivation of olive trees by the farmers of our region based on traditional techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation through the centuries and are used to today.




The processing ...

The next step is to harvest the olives from farmers-producers in our area and transport it to the processing plant the olives we have.




The storage ...

Then the oil will be produced, store at large inox tanks where and becomes the physical kathizisi..





The bottling ...

The final step is the bottling of olive oil bottling company.

Olive oil recipes


Traditional recipes from Crete with olive oil



 If you are interested in wholesaling our products

Who we are


Architect of Minos-Palace is Peter Ploumidis with his 15 years experience in the field of oil...